Wavve to introduce Korea’s first movie-based drama series

Wavve is the first OTT in Korea to experiment with commercial films’ drama series version. There are a total of 3 films, including new ones released this year and classical ones.

The online video service Wavve announced that it will exclusively provide the drama series version of 3 films “Serve the People”, “Boogie Nights” and “Lost Flower: Eo Woo-dong” from June 23rd. This is the first time that existing commercial films are dramatized.

movie drama

“Serve the People”, which was reborn as a 9-episode Wavve drama, draws attention as it unfolds differently from the movie.

Director Jang Cheol-soo participated in the dramatization process and modified the movie’s content. “Serve the People” depicts the romance between Mu-gwang (played by Yeon Woo-jin), a model soldier, and Soo-ryeon (played by Ji An), the young wife of the division commander, as well as the inner conflicts of Mu-gwang. It will be released on Wavve twice every Thursday from today.

Serve the People

“Boogie Nights” will also be provided twice a week as a 6-episode drama from June 30th. The movie “Boogie Nights”, which was released in April, is a black comedy in which ordinary office worker Yoo-bin (played by Choi Gwi-hwa) is involved in an unexpected situation with 5 women ahead of the end of the Earth.

Boogie Nights

Actor Choi Gwi-hwa, who left a strong impression through the series “The Outlaws”, “Train to Busan” and “The Drug King”, became a hot topic by taking the lead role. Actors Lee Si-won, Park Hwan-hee, Kim Hee-jung, Jang Hye-won and Baek Joo-hee are entangled in different stories, showing unusual chemistry.

Lost Flower: Eo Woo-dong

“Lost Flower: Eo Woo-dong”, one of the most famous historical films, will also be reborn as a Wavve drama. The movie “Lost Flower: Eo Woo-dong” reconstructed the story of gisaeng “Eo Woo-dong”, a woman from a prestigious family who caused scandals with many men and caused a huge stir in the Joseon Dynasty, into reality and fiction. “Lost Flower: Eo Woo-dong”, which depicts Joseon’s best scandals that reflect the times, will be released as a Wavve series in July.

Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong

Wavve’s monthly subscribers can watch Wavve’s exclusive works “Serve the People”, “Boogie Nights” and “Lost Flower: Eo Woo-dong” without additional payment.

Kim Hong-ki, head of Wavve’s Content Group, said, “We hope that Wavve’s experiment will provide new opportunities for the movie industry and new attractive works for users.”

Source: insight

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