Waterbomb Fashion Of Hwasa & Hyuna: Same Clothes, Different Vibes

Solo singers Hwasa and Hyuna are making headlines on social media as they showed up at the same event wearing the same outfits

On July 5th, Hwasa and Hyuna went on the stage of the Waterbomb 2024 with their stunning and attractive looks by layering white sleeveless tops on black bra tops.

Hwasa showcased her unique fashion sense by matching the tops with khaki glossy shorts, exuding a hip and stylish atmosphere. 

Meanwhile, Hyuna wore black shorts and mesh stockings to create a sexy yet feminine look. Her sophisticated visual captivated the audience throughout the performance.

Even when wearing tops with the same design, Hwasa and Hyuna still stood out with their unique charms and gave off different vibes through the way they matched the tops with other clothes.

Once again, the two’s fashion senses gained a lot of compliments from fans and netizens.

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