Lee Byung-hun’s Mother Praised Daughter-in-law Lee Min-jung, “It’s hard to find girls like her these days”

Lee Byung-hun's mother praised her daughter-in-law Lee Min-jung.

Lee Byung-hun’s younger sister, actress Lee Ji-an, and her mother appeared in the latest episode of MBN’s “Let’s Go Go,” which aired on July 6th.

mother lee byung hun

In this episode, host Hong Hyun-hee was curious about the childhood of Lee Byung-hun and Lee Ji-an, and their mother shared, “I raised them in a scary way. My son already talked about it a lot on the shows. “He says, ‘If it’s in this era, you’ll be in prison,'” drawing laughter.

mother lee byung hun

In addition, Lee Byung-hun’s mother also praised her daughter-in-law Lee Min-jung. She said, “She is impeccable. These days, it is hard to find women who are so nice to their husbands. From a mother-in-law’s point of view, nothing is better than a daughter-in-law being nice to her son. She is really good. She is wise and good at raising children.” Lee Byung-hun’s mother smiled happily.

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