Vocals of Big 3 girl groups’ main dancers Seulgi, Lisa, Momo: how much have they changed since debut?

The singing abilities of the main dancer from Big 3 girlgroups have become a hot topic among fans.

Every position in the group plays an important role. If the main vocal’s singing is the “backbone” of the entire song, the dance moves of the main dancer are what appeal to viewers when performing on stage.  However, a group will be more appreciated if one member can take on many roles, covering the position of other members whenever the line up is not complete.  Therefore, the singing abilities of main dancers have always been an interesting topic and often discussed by netizens. Let’s take a look at 3 main dancers from Big 3: Seulgi (Red Velvet), Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Momo (TWICE).

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 Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi’s singing ability is second only to Red Velvet’s main vocalist – Wendy.  And because Wendy owns a vocal among the top of Kpop, it seems that fans might forget that Seulgi also sings really well despite taking on the main dancer role. Her vocal range lasts up to 3 octaves and half step. She has the advantage of having low vocal tone and technical passage, creating a smooth feeling when handling the songs.

When she sings, Seulgi’s voice sounds powerful yet delightful and emotional. Except for the iconic high notes, Seulgi is completely capable of singing Wendy’s parts in Red Velvet’s songs.


BLACKPINK already has few songs, Lisa also takes on the role of main dancer and rapper so her singing lines are very rare.  Fans may feel unfamiliar when it comes to Lisa’s singing.  However, the female idol from Thailand actually has a really nice voice. Lisa’s inborn vocals might be moderate but over time, through training and practicing, her improvement is noticeable.

When rapping, Lisa shows the listeners a unique style with a voice color that is not easily mistaken in Kpop.  When Lisa had opportunities to showcase her singing in some songs like “Kick It” and “Don’t Know What To Do”, it can be clearly seen that Lisa sings very well.  Lisa’s next strength is live singing, though she dances a lot but she does not lack energy for singing with good endurance.

Lisa’s vocal has its own color and is not less outstanding when having a duet with Rosé – BLACKPINK main vocal.  However, to sing high notes, requiring much emotions, perhaps Lisa’s ability is not enough.  She would perform well cheerful, vibrant songs which don’t require too much in terms of vocal range.

 Momo (TWICE)

Out of the 3 female idols mentioned, Momo is most often caught in controversies regarding her singing.  She is often called “tone deaf” because she could not sing well the parts that are considered the most basic.  Most recently, at the encore stage of “More & More”, Momo’s singing line only lasts a few seconds, though she didn’t have to dance, her voice still sounded too high-pitched, missing the tone and thus exposing her lacking ability in live singing. 

Before that, Momo was criticized by Knetz many times for “not being able to sing and tone deaf” whenever the group had to sing to clear MR. Since then, Momo’s singing has been constantly discussed and commented on.

However, if you listen to Momo’s voice from the time she joined SIXTEEN, it is difficult to understand TWICE main dancer’s current singing ability. Momo’s voice used to be quite pleasant, not too hard to listen to and she has a low vocal tone. If given singing lines that actually match her ability, maybe she would do better.  It seems that JYP did not assign the appropriate lines to Momo. Moreover, Momo’s singing style has also been strained by JYP, resulting in an unnaturally nasal voice. 

Momo, Lisa and Seulgi are all main dancers who have been critically acclaimed for their dancing ability. They nail their roles to bring the most complete stage performance. Therefore, vocals should not be a matter being brought out to criticize too much. Let’s wait and see in the future, if they could showcase their singing more, these 3 main dancers’ vocals will bring any surprises and freshness to the group’s songs!

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