Visited by IU and Lee Jong Suk, this resort is known as stars’ private retreat

A resort in Japan, which IU and Lee Jong Suk visited as a couple, is known as a private retreat for stars, making headlines.

On the May 29th episode of Mnet’s “Girls Night Out”, a resort located in Mie Prefecture, Japan, which is known as a luxury hotel sought after by celebrities worldwide, was introduced.

According to the broadcast, the aforementioned location is “Aman Resorts”, which gained significant attention after IU and Lee Jong Suk‘s visit. It is also known to be a regular destination for global celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, and George Clooney.

iu lee jong suk

The reason why stars choose this place as their secret retreat is because it ensures complete privacy protection. The services range from one-on-one pickup service to private check-in. Only a limited number of rooms are operated, including 24 suite rooms and 4 detached villas. The price for one night in a suite room is approximately 3 million won (around 2,200 USD), while the detached villa costs around 5 million won.

iu lee jong suk

The rooms are equipped with private bathtubs that provide mineral hot spring water, allowing guests to enjoy hot spring baths freely at any time. In the dining room, guests can savor the finest local ingredients in course meals.

iu lee jong suk

The company operating Aman Resorts manages 36 hotels and resorts in 20 countries worldwide. They are famous for building resorts in beautiful natural landscapes and breathtaking scenic locations that no one could have imagined.

Source: wikitree

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