Viewers can’t help but compliment Lee Joon-gi’s acting in “Again My Life” which keeps changing back and forth between hot and cold

Actor Lee Joon-gi impressed everyone with his excellent acting performance.

In episode 14 of SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Again My Life” (written by J, Kim Yul/ directed by Han Chul-soo, Kim Yong-min), Lee Joon-gi gave a strong sense of immersion with his cold and warm acting that went with the flow of the drama developments.


In this episode, Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) confronted Kim Seok-hoon (Choi Kwang-il), who was considered to become the next attorney general, creating a thrilling sensation. In addition, Kim Hee-woo, who arrested Kim Seok-hoon, moved Kim Seok-hoon’s heart when saying that his daughter Kim Han-mi (Kim Jae-kyung) was afraid of letting the world know the truth about her father. In the end, Kim Hee-woo obtained Kim Seok-hoon’s confession admitting his charges. Kim Hee-woo then visited Kim Han-mi and gave her a sincere comfort, warming the hearts of viewers.


At the end of this episode, the evil guy Cho Tae-seob (Lee Geung-young), made a plan to attack Kim Hee-woo’s weaknesses and Kim Hee-woo, who had been running nonstop in order to make the evils be punished, raised the viewers’ curiosity about whether he would fall into the plan.


Lee Joon-gi expressed Kim Hee-woo’s diverse emotional variations when bleeding the bad guys’ inner connections with a perfect plan with his heavy eyes and delicate acting, adding a three-dimensional effect to make his character become more attractive. In particular, Lee Joon-gi and his warm consolation to Kim Han-mi reached the viewers and drew attention, proving his aspect as an irreplaceable actor.


Meanwhile, SBS’s drama “Again My Life’, which is attracting keen attention thanks to Lee Joon-gi’s passionate acting, has only two episodes left. 

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