Viewers are surprised by “The Glory” Choi Hye Jung’s real-life academic background

Netizens are shocked to know the academic background of actress Cha Joo Young, who starred as Choi Hye Jung in Netflix’s “The Glory.”

Recently, a post titled [“The Glory” Choi Hye Jung’s actual academic background.jpg] was posted on major online communities such as theqoo. The post contains pieces of the interviews Cha Joo Young had with Daily Sports in 2018.

Cha Joo-Young

According to the interview, Cha Joo Young graduated from The University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

The University of Utah is a research-oriented state university located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is the longest-established higher education institution in the western United States. The University of Utah, which has provided the world’s best education for more than 168 years, is recognized as the nation’s best research university.

Cha Joo-Young

During that interview, when asked “Why did you think of acting?” Cha Joo Young said, “Basically, there are many things I have always wanted to do. And I love watching movies. I am interested in film, music, and art. However, I majored in business administration because my father is conservative and said I couldn’t do art and sports. Actually, I had fun studying business administration. But as I followed what my dad wanted, before it was too late, I recklessly started acting. When I was young, I was offered a lot of casting chances, but at that time, I told them ‘I’m not interested’ as I was still studying. When I was still in college, I received an offer which I refused by saying I would think about it after graduation. However, I thought I would regret it if I didn’t do it even after graduation. So I chose to be an actress with the mind of ‘let’s try it and regret it later,’” she replied.

Cha Joo-Young

Netizens are amazed by the interview, saying, “Wow, she is so smart, I envy her,” “Oh my, stewardess Hye Jung is so smart in real life,” “What in the world does she not have,” “She’s so good at acting,” and “She said studying business was fun, which means she is the type to do her best in everything.

Cha Joo-Young

Earlier, Cha Joo Young made her debut as Nam Joo Yeon in the tvN drama “Cheese in the Trap” in 2016. She is making her name and face known in earnest by appearing in “The Glory” as Choi Hye Jung, one of the school bullies. Cha Joo Young surprised viewers by perfectly portraying her character’s emotions and psychology which changed from time to time.

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