Go Yoon-jun, Shin Ye-eun, Park Ji-hyeon… Actresses who have exploded in popularity these days all have one thing in common

Go Yoon-jung of ‘Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow’, Shin Ye-eun of Netflix’s ‘The Glory’, Park Ji-hyun of ‘Reborn Rich’, and actor Park Gyu-young of ‘Sweet Home Seasons 2 and 3’ have something in common.

These four people are all ‘University Tomorrow’ cover models. Park Gyu-young, a student of Department of Clothing and Environmental Studies at Yonsei University, was the cover model for Tomorrow’s 756th, and Shin Ye-eun, a student of acting arts at Sungkyunkwan University, was a cover model for Tomorrow’s 840th.

Park Gyu-young Shin Ye Eun

Park Gyu-young and Shin Ye-eun also have one thing in common: they were casted by JYP Entertainment when they were the cover models for ‘University Tomorrow’ and became trainees after auditioning.

Park Ji-hyun, a student of the Department of Spanish at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, was the cover model for the 714th issue of Tomorrow. Go Yoon-Jung, a student of the Department of Contemporary Art at Seoul Women’s University, was the cover model for the 771st issue of tomorrow.

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These four are currently active as actors. Go Yoon-jung is currently performing passionately in the tvN drama ‘Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow’, and is set to release the Disney Plus drama ‘Moving’ in 2023.

Go Yoon Jung

Shin Ye-eun played the child role of Park Yeon-jin in Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ and received favorable reviews for her first villainous role. In March, she is scheduled to release the SBS drama ‘Romantic Guest House’.

Shin Ye Eun

Park Ji-hyun was loved for her role as Mo Hyun-min in the recently ended JTBC drama ‘Reborn Rich’. Park Ji-hyun is also ahead of the release of the movie ‘The Hidden Face’.

Lastly, Park Gyu-young is expected to release the Netflix original ‘Celebrity’ and ‘Sweet Home Season 2’ in 2023, and is known to appear in ‘Sweet Home Season 3’ in succession.

Source: wikitree

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