“‘Reborn Rich’ comes to my mind”…Viewers are criticizing the development of “Crash Course in Romance”

“Crash Course in Romance” is being criticized by viewers for its slacking development that lost probability ahead of the final episode.

In episode 15 of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Crash Course in Romance“, which aired on March 4th, the death of Ji Dong Hee (Shin Jae Ha) was depicted.

Crash Course in Romance

Ji Dong Hee’s end was to face a “death” ending with an extreme choice. In particular, it added emptiness because it was the moment when Choi Chi Yeol finally found out about Ji Dong Hee’s identity, which only Choi Chi Yeol was unaware of.

Crash Course in Romance

In addition, Nam Haeng Seon’s younger brother Nam Jae Woo (Oh Eui Shik) and Nam Haeng Seon’s friend Kim Young Joo (Lee Bong Ryun) developed into a couple. Those who showed family-like brother and sister chemistry suddenly formed a strange atmosphere in episode 12, then suddenly confessed their love in episode 15.

Viewers showed reactions such as “The development is getting weird”, “The beginning is great, but the end is weak”, “What’s wrong with dramas these days? ‘Reborn Rich’ comes to my mind”, “I have nothing to say”, “I’m disappointed in the writer”…

Source: Nate

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