The scene where a reservation for vaginal plastic surgery gets mentioned in Seo Ye-ji’s comeback drama “Eve” is causing a stir

The viewers were surprised to see explicit lines about vaginal plastic surgery appear in the drama “Eve”.

In the 4th episode of tvN’s “Eve”, which aired on June 9th, Lee Ra-el (Seo Ye-ji) was seen trying to win the heart of Han So-ra (Yoo Sun).


Han So-ra, who went shopping with Lee Ra-el as she promised, confessed her worries, “Our father threatened us not long ago. If we cannot have a son, my brother-in-law will inherit the stakes. If our father’s stakes go in the hand of our brother, we will be pushed to the second place.”

vaginal plastic surgery

When Lee Ra-el asked, “You just need to give birth to a son first, right?”, Han So-ra said, “You think I haven’t tried? You have to look at the sky to get the stars. He has not touched me for a long time.” She said, “I made a surgery reservation at the OB/GYN”, confessing that had a plan to have vaginal plastic surgery. As Lee Ra-el asked, “Doesn’t that kind of surgery hurt a lot?”, Han So-ra said, “I have to try. Stakes are just stakes, but I have to give birth to a son to gain back his heart.” Upon hearing this, Lee Ra-el said, “Unnie, you can get a better effect without undergoing surgery.”


In the scene when she was having a massage, Han So-ra also told her secretary to make a list of gynecologists specializing in plastic surgery and got frustrated, “You don’t know vaginal plastic surgery? So annoying.”


After the broadcast, many viewers were shocked to see such lines about vaginal plastic surgery being revealed too openly. In addition, media outlets also criticized the appearance of such lines about vaginal plastic surgery in a 15+ rating drama as well as the excessive setting of “Eve”.


Meanwhile, “Eve”, which marks Seo Ye-ji’s first comeback after a year, drew attention as it set the 19+ rating for episode 4, following the 1st and 2nd episodes. 

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