V (BTS) from PSY’s fanboy for a long time to stand on the same stage with his idol and now they are the two artists that make the history of Kpop!

V aka Taehyung having his fanboy moment as he adorably hugs PSY leads to ARMY having a major meltdown

Famous for his extensive relationship on showbiz, V has always impressed fans by becoming friends with many famous people inside and outside the industry. Most recently, the guy surprised fans by appearing with the “boss” of P-NATION – PSY. The fact that the 2 “Billboard phenomenon” of Korea appeared together in one photo made fans feelso excited and happy that calling this the historic moment of Kpop. The story became even more emotional when fans quickly rediscovered an old moment when V mentioned PSY. He honestly shared: “My favorite artist is PSY. Whenever I listen to his songs, I wish I could be so successful, for sure, I have to become as successful as PSY hyung.” And many years later, V’s wish came true, even beyond expectations! 

In addition, the fans also found a very valuable moment when V covered Daddy’s choreography at the encore stage to congratulate PSY on the win at Inkigayo. He expressed interest in PSY’s song. PSY then gave his mic to V, for a fanboy like V at that time, it must be an invaluable experience. After finishing the show, V also directly thanked PSY via the group’s Twitter: “As a fan, having the opportunity to dance with PSY sunbaenim. I think my fan life has no regrets anymore … Your whole stage at Sketchbook … is amazing … They made me realize ‘Ah, It turns out that this is the real performance! ‘, congratulate sunbaenim on the 1st place! Signed: V “. Responding to V’s love, PSY also commented: “Thank you V! Always keep a passionate heart and work hard together”.

Recently, PSY also gave praise to BTS after knowing that the group was famous all over the world with No.1 Billboard Hot 100: “I feel really proud of the BTS guys, they deserve the attention from the audience. I remember meeting them when BTS debuted, at that time I thought this was a group that would be successful in the future. And I want to tell them that no matter how long they promote overseas, don’t take it as a burden. And they have finally become one of Asia’s top famous artists. ” .

With all the historical achievements that PSY and BTS have brought to Korean music, and the admiration that V has for PSY in particular, this picture really has a lot of meaning. Keep in mind this hitorical moment.

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