V and Jennie’s forehead kiss photo: “leaked photos were provided by BLACKPINK Lisa”?

The netizen who leaked V and Jennie’s forehead kiss photo claimed suspicions of another BLACKPINK member’s dating rumor, sparking a heated debate among netizens.

On Sep 2nd, new dating photos believed to be of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie were released on Twitter.

The first one is a photo of Jennie smiling brightly as she is kissed on the forehead by V.

v jennie

The second one is a photo of V smiling broadly while having a video call with Jennie at home. The Twitter user who posted these two photos also shared a photo of their computer screen. It looks like they have different photos of V and Jennie, including ones that have not been released.

The netizen who leaked the forehead kiss photo said, “This photo was taken from a new group chat room created by V and Jennie’s hacker. I belong to this chat room.”

V jennie

They added, “The hacker said all of the leaked photos were provided by BLACKPINK Lisa. A new dating rumor will be out soon.”

In response, netizens did not believe that Lisa provided leaked photos and criticized the Twitter user for spreading rumors.

The Twitter user then claimed, “Lisa-related content was no joke. It seems that Lisa has had a crush on G-Dragon for such a long time that she leaked photos in revenge. Compare the clothes of the man in the photo with V and Jennie’s pictures taken on Jeju Island. They’re the same.”

At the same time, they uploaded a screenshot proving that they belong to the chat room created by the hacker. However, it was difficult to check the proof shot as it was not clearly visible due to mosaic processing.

Previously, netizens who support the dating rumor between Lisa and G-Dragon presented various grounds to support the dating rumor.

Netizens claimed the same bracelets, rings, hats and interior accessories as their couple items. In addition, G-Dragon recently posted a photo taken with director Baz Luhrmann and Lisa on his Instagram story.

Source: wikitree

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