Uhm Ji-won Criticizes Fellow Actor: “She Stole My Leading Role”

Actress Uhm Ji-won recently revealed the pain of getting her leading role stolen by a colleague during her time as a rookie.

On July 4, Uhm Ji-won shared a story from her early career on her YouTube channel, saying, “I once got really hurt back then.” 

In particular, she recalled, “I was supposed to be in a movie as a rookie. I had even done a script reading with the director, who wrote something on the first page of the script for me. But then, about two weeks later, I found out that the main character had been changed.”

uhm ji won

The actress continued, “I just accepted it as it was. But later, when the movie was released, the new female lead did an interview. She said, ‘The original lead was someone else, but I really wanted the role, so I actively pursued it and got it.'”

Uhm Ji-won expressed her frustration, saying, “I couldn’t even talk about it anywhere”, adding, “I thought to myself, ‘Let’s see who lasts longer in acting, you or me.’ But now, I don’t see her around anymore.”

Source: Daum

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