KARA’s Han Seung-yeon “I ended up in the emergency room after drinking with Nicole”

Han Seung-yeon shared a past drinking story

On July 5th, a video titled “Can you be an idol without drinking?” was posted on the YouTube channel “I Am Gyuri”.

In the video, Han Seung-yeon and Heo Young-ji appeared as guests. Heo Young-ji recalled joining KARA in 2014, “When I first joined KARA, I thought the older members looked very worn out from their activities.”

She continued, “They looked exhausted, but people around me would say, ‘You need to behave well because your older members are so upright.’ There were no rumors about them.”

Han Seung-yeon

Park Gyuri admitted, “I didn’t drink at that time.” Han Seung-yeon lamented, “Park Gyuri, who didn’t drink, what happened to you?” Park Gyuri then humorously retorted, “Hey, try living in this industry without drinking.

Park Gyuri asked Han Seung-yeon, “You don’t drink during the day, right?” Han Seung-yeon replied, “I can’t handle drinking with meals. I forget to drink alcohol while enjoying good food. Alcohol doesn’t taste better than food to me.

Han Seung-yeon

However, Han Seung-yeon confessed, “There was a time I went to the emergency room after drinking with Nicole. I drank foolishly. Nicole slept well at my place and went home fine, but after sending her off, things got chaotic at home.”

Hearing this, Park Gyuri advised, “Nicole doesn’t eat much while drinking. That’s not good. I’m against drinking quickly without eating.” When Heo Young-ji looked puzzled and said “But, sis?“, Park Gyuri quickly shut her down “Be quiet“, adding to the humor.

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