U-Know Yun-ho to make his comeback as an actor after 5 years… He’ll be working alongside Lee Yeon-hee and Hong Jong-hyun in new drama “Race”

TVXQ’s U-know Yun-ho (Jung Yun-ho) will return to the small screen for the first time in 5 years.

An entertainment industry official said to Sports Chosun on June 2nd, “U-know Yun-ho will join the new drama “Race” scripted by “Hyena” screenwriter Kim Roo-ri as the main character”. 

“Race” is a drama that depicts the life race of people living in the digital era that keeps changing rapidly. It tells the office survival and romance between Park Yoon-joo, a woman born in 1990 who led her life well without a splendid academic and family background, and Ryu Jae-min, a smart and warm-hearted person who wants to create a good world but has no expectations for his company. 


U-Know Yun-ho will appear as Seo Dong-hoon, head of public relations agency Earth Communications. Seo Dong-hoon was born in the U.S and attended middle and high schools in Korea. He graduated from New York Art School majoring in design and worked for a design company in the U.S. After finishing his MBA business graduate degree, he returned to Korea and started working in a public relations company. After serving as a manager then a team leader, he eventually took the CEO position.

He is an ideal public relations master who has a flexible mindset to understand the rapidly changing public relations environment. With his overseas experience, Seo Dong-hoon values freedom in expressing opinions and compromises with reality limits.

In particular, Seo Dong-hoon will be involved in a love triangle with Park Yoon-joo (Lee Yeon-hee) and Ryu Jae-min (Hong Jong-hyun). U-know Yun-ho will boast his teamwork with Moon So-ri, who plays Goo Yu-jung.

U-know Yun-ho, who has shown various character transformations through several dramas, such as “King of Ambition”, “I Order You”, and “Diary of a Night Watchman”, is raising expectations for his first drama comeback through “Race”, which is 5 years after his last appearance in the 2017 work “Meloholic”. Attention is focused on what U-know Yun-ho will show when returning to the small screen. 

Source: Daum

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