TWICE’s Dahyun once burst into tears on stage and here’s why

What TWICE’s Dahyun said still makes fans emotional whenever they recall. 

TWICE is one of the girl groups with the largest and most loyal fandom in Kpop. Entering their 7th year of debut, the JYP girls have continuously seen a constant increase in physical album sales. TWICE has frequent comebacks, releasing 3-4 Korean and Japanese albums every year, but their fandom always gives enthusiastic support to the group.

Recently, TWICE fans recall an emotional story. Specifically, at a concert in 2019, fans sang happy birthday to Dahyun. Seeing fans’ love for her, Dahyun burst into tears. The female idol asked, “Why are we so loved?”

What Dahyun said caused controversy among netizens at the time. Many haters mocked that Dahyun “asked the right question”, claiming that TWICE is famous only for their visuals and JYP’s reputation, instead of talent. The fact that TWICE has achieved many amazing results and received strong support from Once is considered “easy”.  Netizens also criticized TWICE’s singing, asking the group to take vocal lessons. “If you know to ask your fans that, then practice harder. After all these years of activities, your singing skills are getting worse and worse”, this is one of the harsh comments that Korean netizens gave to TWICE after Dahyun’s question at the concert. 

twice dahyun

After 3 years, fans get emotional looking back at this incident. Fans think that the biggest reason why TWICE has received so much love from fans is simply that “they deserve it”. TWICE deserves all the best after their unremitting efforts, hard work and dedication during the past 7 years. Despite their shortcomings, TWICE always impresses with their professional, serious work attitude, cheerfulness, and positive energy they give to fans. To haters, TWICE may be a group full of flaws, but to fans, the girls are always perfect and deserve to be loved.  Besides, the JYP girls have also improved a lot in music quality. Their albums from 2019 to now have been recognized by domestic and international experts.

twice dahyun

Some comments:

  • Because they deserve it! That’s all.
  • No matter how many years, it will still be Once who supports TWICE wholeheartedly.
  • TWICE always has Once by their side.
  • If you fall in love with TWICE, you can’t stop.
  • It doesn’t matter how long TWICE is active. The important thing is that fans will always be by TWICE’s side.

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