TWICE Nayeon praised by Stray Kids Bang Chan: “There’s a lot to learn from her”

Stray Kids leader Bang Chan recently reacted to Nayeon’s solo debut and talked about his trainee time with her.

Recently, Stray Kids member Bang Chan held a Vlive session, where he conversed with fans and listened to newly-released Kpop tracks. Among them, the male idol was particularly excited about Nayeon’s solo debut title “POP!”, and basically showered his senior in praise. 

TWICE Nayeon praised by Stray Kids Bang Chan

He also recalled the time when he trained alongside TWICE members, saying: “When I first entered JYP, my seniors Nayeon, Jihyo, and Jeongyeon were already there. Compared to me, who was a total greenhorn, they were in a whole different league, and just seemed so cool. We met each other a lot, in monthly showcases and tests,  and also performed together.”

TWICE Nayeon

Bang Chan also discussed the abilities of Nayeon in particular, saying: “Nayeon-sunbae? When I first heard her solo song and watched the MV, I just thought ‘Wow this kind of concept suits her so much’.”

“TWICE members are extremely talented and capable, especially Nayeon,” he added. “She was the oldest one who’s always at the top of everything ever since her trainee days. She delivers excellent live vocals on stage and boasts spectacular skills. I think there’s a lot to learn from her.”

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