Junior Idol Receives Luxury Gift from TWICE’s Nayeon at 2024 Waterbomb?

The friendship of TWICE’s Nayeon and a 5th generation female idol at the 2024 Waterbomb is drawing attention.  

Recently on day 2 of the famous music festival Waterbomb 2024 Seoul, several K-pop artists, including TWICE’s Nayeon and girl group KISS OF LIFE, stuns the crowd with sexy performances of their hits. 

Here, Nayeon delivered a stage of “Magic” – a song from her latest solo album, which features KISS OF LIFE’s Julie. It is known that Julie also joined Nayeon on stage for a surprise collaboration. 

KISS OF LIFE Julie TWICE Nayeon waterbomb

Throughout the performance, the two female idols boast bright smiles and had a tight hug, revealing a close friendship. 

Afterwards, Julie published a message on KISS OF LIFE’s SNS account, sharing that she felt happy and honored over her collaboration with Nayeon, who she deeply admires. 

KISS OF LIFE Julie TWICE Nayeon waterbomb

In particular, Julie wrote, “I had so much fun throughout the performance with senior Nayeon. It was an honor to be on the same stage with someone I admire. Yesterday and today were both such a happy and enjoyable time… It was my honor and joy to perform at Waterbomb with such amazing seniors. I hope you look forward to KISS OF LIFE’s stages in the future as well”.

KISS OF LIFE Julie TWICE Nayeon waterbomb

Additionally, the female idol also flaunts a luxury gift she received from TWICE’s Nayeon. In particular, she published an image of a black handbag and bag charm from luxury brand Prada, along with the caption, “The gift senior gave me…”

Upon seeing the generous gift, many fans and netizens alike were deeply impressed, leaving comments admiring Nayeon’s wealth.

Source: Krb

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