TWICE Nayeon and ITZY attract global viewers with their perfect chemistry

TWICE Nayeon and ITZY attracted global viewers with the warm chemistry among JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP) girl groups. 

Nayeon, who released her first mini-album “IM NAYEON” on Jun 24th and debuted as a solo artist, appeared on ITZY’s live show “GAP” season 2 on Naver NOW on the afternoon of Jun 27th and showed off her special chemistry with her juniors.

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When ITZY Yeji asked, “I heard that you suggested first that you wanted to appear in ‘GAP,'” Nayeon said, “I’m someone that doesn’t usually think about being close with someone, but I really want to be close to ITZY. I don’t think there will be many opportunities like this, so I have really wanted to come here. So I somehow made a gap in my schedule,” she said, expressing her affection with a witty answer. Yuna then surprised the ITZY members by showing a shy side that was quite different from her lively appearance. In response, Nayeon and Yuna, nicknamed the “JYP Rabbit Visual,” pleased viewers with the fresh image of them holding each other’s hands and talking to solve the awkward atmosphere.


Nayeon said, “I’ve met Lia at the company building before. Her hair was long then, and I heard that she was good at singing. Ryujin is really pretty and we talked about how she looked like some celebrities. I has a lot of memories with Chaeryeong because we had practiced together a lot. I think the first time I saw Yeji was on a broadcast program. I remember feeling how she was really JYP. I remember seeing Yuna come to our practice room to say hello just before her debut,” she said, reflecting on her first impressions of the ITZY members and sharing memories. Chaeryeong, who built a friendship with Nayeon on Mnet’s “SIXTEEN,” said, “Her bare face is really pretty. Her skin is so clear, and her dance line is also my favorite, so I always looked at her a lot.” Ryujin then joined in, “I remember seeing her braiding her black hair to one side and wearing a skirt and a jean jacket. She was singing, and I immediately thought ‘She is a celebrity’,” talking about her memories of Nayeon, giving off a friendly atmosphere.

twice nayeon pop

Nayeon said, “I couldn’t believe it because it was the first time we had a junior girl group. TWICE was the youngest, but now that other outstanding friends joined in, I was looking forward to seeing you guys. I watched your stage after “DALLA DALLA” came out, and I was impressed. I even said, ‘Our company just doesn’t debut anyone, they’re really good’.”

In addition to the corner of watching the music video of Nayeon’s solo debut song “POP!”, Nayeon presented her first solo album herself, even choosing album designs and writing comments in consideration of the tastes of ITZY members. Yeji said, “Since there are a lot of things I wanted to see and thought about in Nayeon’s solo music video, I has thought, ‘Yes, this is it,'” Lia said. “Even if I have only watched the MV once, the song keeps playing in my head. I kept singing ‘pop pop’,” she said, praising “POP!”’s catchy tunes. In particular, the ITZY members couldn’t resist saying “pretty” toward Nayeon throughout the broadcast, and Nayeon made fans laugh by saying, “This is like a compliment prison.”

On the other hand, Nayeon and ITZY all joined the new “POP!” Challenge, which was requested the most by viewers, drawing positive responses. Although it was only a short content, Nayeon, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna have presented viewers with special fun as well as their excellent dance lines and overwhelming visuals.

Recently, Nayeon released her first solo album titled “IM NAYEON” and title track “POP!”. The new song “POP!” music video, which allows you to feel Nayeon’s fruity juicy beauty, is gaining popularity, surpassing 36.36 million views on YouTube as of the morning of Jun 28th.

Meanwhile, ITZY will release its new mini-album “CHECKMATE” at 1 p.m. (0 p.m. Eastern time) on July 15th. From August, ITZY’s first world tour “ITZY THE 1ST WORLD TOUR CHECKMATE” will begin with two nights at SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul Olympic Park on August 6th and 7th.

Source: Daum

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