Brave Girls Yoojung reveals what’s inside after hearing that losing weight has reduced her bust size

Brave Girls Yoo-jung did something unexpected after hearing a criticism that her chest became smaller after losing weight.

In the recent episode of KBS2’s “Diet”, the cast members started an interim inspection of their bodies with their eyes.


Yoo-jung stood in front of the members excitedly in a cropped top and a tennis skirt.

Everyone was impressed by Yoo-jung’s fresh visuals, but Kim Joo-yeon said straightforwardly, “Her chest has gotten smaller (because she lost weight).


Earlier, Yoo-jung showed such a special attachment to this body part to the extent that she put her hand on her chest whenever she had a chance.

Yoo-jung also drew attention by confessing that she had just let her friends touch her chest when she was in school because she wanted it to grow bigger.

Yoo-jung closed her eyes tightly and sighed when she heard that her cherished chest had become smaller.


Park Moon-chi and Bae Yoon-jung also said with a big laugh, “Oh no. She lost her chest after dieting.”

Yoo-jung, who was looking carefully at her chest alone, said, “No. There’s still something inside. Look,” before suddenly showing the inside of her top to Kim Shin-young.

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Kim Shin-young, who suddenly saw Yoo-jung’s chest, waved her hand while freaking out, “Why are you showing it to me?“, making everyone laugh.

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