Turns out this is Son Ye Jin’s expression when she received a marriage proposal

Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin) has a happy life with Seon Woo episode 9 of “Thirty Nine”

Episode 9 of Thirty Nine opens with Mi Jo’s backstory. On the day she was brought home by her adoptive parents and sister, they promised to live together forever. When Mi Jo meets her biological mother for the second time in the present, she can’t expect her mother to forget her childhood image. Mi Jo is in excruciating pain as a result of this.

Thirty Nine
Thirty Nine

Seon Woo’s father finds Mi Jo and asks for a breakup.  Of course Mi Jo did not accept the offer.  Seon Woo later also learned of his father’s actions, so he decided to stay with Mi Jo, disobeying his father. He prepared a special date, where he gave a ring to Mi Jo.  Although he has not officially proposed, this is also a promise of a good future for the two.  After a moment of worry, Mi Jo received the ring.  The two then had sweet moments, Mi Jo even took the initiative to invite Seon Woo to the house to “drink wormwood tea”.

Thirty Nine

On the other hand, Chan Young has good news.  Jin Seok’s wife suddenly agreed to divorce, only asking to keep custody of the children.  She also admitted that she was wrong in the past since she cheated on Jin Seok even though she knew that Jin Seok had no feelings for her. Even so, Chan Young stubbornly wanted Jin Seok not to get a divorce.  After seeing her loved one cry and express his desire for them to be together, Chan Young decided to be selfish for once, asking Jin Seok to stay with her.

Thirty Nine

Besides, Chan Young prepared for her mother’s birthday for the last time in her life. However, while choosing a gift, her illness relapsed and she fainted right at the shoe store.  When she woke up, it was late at night, the bakery was closed, making it impossible for her to buy the last birthday present for her mother, nor to have dinner with her family. Mi Jo and Joo Hee then appeared.  The three of them made a bold decision, knocked on the bakery’s door, and took the cake.  Chan Young can finally celebrate her mother’s birthday.  Mi Jo and Joo Hee also actively talked about Chan Young’s problem, so that the conflict was reconciled.

Thirty Nine airs every Wednesday and Thursday night on JTBC.


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