TREASURE mesmerized fans in new concept film for the next comeback

YG group TREASURE revealed some melodies and lyrics from their new album every day, raising expectations for their comeback.

YG Entertainment posted a concept film on its official blog on January 22nd, showing a different image and improved visuals of TREASURE’s Mashiho, Yoon Jae-hyuk, Asahi, and Bang Ye-dam.

Mashiho created a chic and drowsy atmosphere just by slowly turning his head in the concept film. Asahi stared with a deep look, making Treasure Maker (TREASURE’s fandom name) fall in love, and Yoon Jae-hyuk exuded intense charisma, drawing admiration. Bang Ye-dam’s presence with sentimental emotions is also overwhelming.

In particular, the concept film drew keen attention as a l part of a new song was inserted. The dreamy and tense melody captivated the listener’s ears at once. In addition, the lyrics “My heart is with you where you go” was expressed with TREASURE’s appealing vocals, leaving a deep impression.

The title or specific information of the song is not yet known. Nevertheless, the energetic aura of the members in harmony with the sophisticated feeling of the pop genre is drawing enthusiastic responses from global fans.

Fans expressed their expectations for the album tracklist, leaving comments such as “addictive,” “I only listened to a verse, but it lingers in my ears,” “My heart is beating,” and “It has a different atmosphere from the songs that they have released so far.”

TREASURE mesmerized fans in new concept film

TREASURE will release its first mini-album “THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE” on February 15. The group is expected to release more new songs and have more activities than before, raising fans’ responses. YG said, “Please look forward to TREASURE’s ‘second step’ that will hit like a storm this year.”

Meanwhile, the pre-order of TREASURE’s first mini-album, which is currently on pre-sale, has already surpassed 600,000 copies, signaling its best achievement. As there is about a month left before the release of the physical album, the final order volume is expected to increase further.

TREASURE mesmerized fans in new concept film
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