Top 15 K-pop girl groups with the highest number of likes on their MVs

BLACKPINK proves themselves to be the “Youtube queen” among K-pop girl groups. 

To evaluate the popularity and charm of a K-pop group, YouTube metrics are one of the most accurate criteria. Normally, fans rely on views to rank the artists, but to be more objective, the number of likes also well reflect the support each song gets. 

Here are the specific average numbers of likes MVs of K-pop girl groups attract on YouTube. Let’s take a look at 15 female groups with the highest likes on their MVs to see who come out on top.


GFRIEND’s MVs have an average of 265.6 thousand likes on YouTube. After 6 active years as a group, 6 members have earned a total of 16.2 million likes, of which MAGO – the last song before disbandment is the video that receives the most support from viewers with 1.50 million likes.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes


In 2018, BBoom BBoom became a massive hit and took MOMOLAND‘s popularity to the next level. This is also the most popular song of MOMOLAND’s discography with 4.32 million likes on YouTube. On average, MOMOLAND’s MVs record 281.9 thousand likes, reaching 16.3 million for all MVs combined.


13. Miss A

Like GFRIEND, the last song Miss A released together before disbanding, Only You, has the most popular MV with 743.9 thousand likes. Compared to other girl groups, the former JYP girl group has a more humble total like count: 3.36 million, with an average of 305.6 thousand likes per MV. 

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes

12. Secret Number

Secret Number is yet a familiar name among popular girl groups, but they still manage to rank 12th in this list with an average of 320.2 thousand likes per MV, of which the most popular song is Who Dis? with 1.55 million. The total like count of all MVs released by Vine Entertainment’s girl group is 5.12 million.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes

11. Girls’ Generation

It comes as no surprise that the “nation’s hit” Gee is Girls’ Generation’s most liked MV with 2.17 million likes. Despite having released lots of MV, YouTube streaming is not the strength of SONE – the fandom of “nation’s girl group”. On average, each MV of Girls’ Generation earns 320.5 thousand likes out of a total of 21.5 million.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes

10. f(x)

Known for their unique music identity, f(x) won the hearts of many Kpop fans back when they were active. Getting 10th place, f(x) has 326.4 thousand likes per MV on YouTube. Total like count of all their MVs is 4.57 million.  The most popular f(x) MV is Electric Shock with 1 million likes.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes

9. 2NE1

Is there even a Kpop fan who does not know 2NE1’s iconic hit I Am The Best? This is also the most liked MV of the former YG girl group with 2.86 million likes. 2NE1 records 13.7 million likes across all MVs, averaging 334.5 thousand likes for each MV. 

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes


4 MAMAMOO girls have an average of 398.0 thousand likes for each clip, Hip is the MV that receives the most love from the audience when it has 4.53 million likes. To date, all of MAMAMOO’s music videos have a total of 42.6 million likes on YouTube.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes


EVERGLOW gradually won the support of the audience and occupied a remarkable position in this chart. 6 Yuehua Entertainment girls have a total of 17.9 million likes on YouTube, an average of 448.7 thousand likes for each clip. DUN DUN is the group’s biggest hit to date, earning 3.73 million likes.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes

6. (G)I-DLE

6th place went to (G)I-DLE when they collected 23.5 million likes for their music videos, the best was Oh My God with 2.66 million likes. On average, each clip of the group has 499.9 thousand “hearts”.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes


In 5th place is ITZY. Although the group just debuted not long ago and was commented to suffer from many disadvantages when it was not heavily invested by the company, ITZY still left an impression in the hearts of the audience when the group had a total of 50.1 million likes for their clips. The most popular MV is the MV WANNABE with 5.46 million likes. The average likes for each clip on YouTube of the group are 834.7 thousand.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes

4. aespa

aespa completely showed its influence when it was just over a year after the group’s debut that the SM girls were able to compete with the most powerful seniors of the 3rd generation. aespa had 1.02 million likes on average for each video on YouTube. The debut song “Black Mamba” received 3.64 million “hearts”, which is aespa’s video with the highest number of likes. The love of fans can be counted by 19.4 million likes for all of aespa’s clips.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes

3. Red Velvet

Red Velvet ranked 3rd as having an average number of likes on YouTube of 1.17 million. The viral hit Psycho is the MV that received the most positive responses from the audience, as shown by the number of 5.81 million likes. In total, SM’s 3rd generation girl group has a total of 46.6 million likes for all music videos.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes


A hardworking group like TWICE will of course get the results they deserve with the huge number of likes. 9 JYP girls have collected all 117.6 million likes. What Is Love? is the best product when it has 5.91 million likes. On average, TWICE gets 1.19 million likes for each clip on YouTube.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes


At the top of this list is none other than BLACKPINK, the most famous group on social media. How You Like That is the most successful hit of the YG girl group, accounting for 22.6 million out of 197.9 million likes for all music videos uploaded by BLACKPINK on YouTube. The average likes of each video of the 4 girls is 6.82 million, much higher than it of many other groups.

K-pop MVs with highest number of likes
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