Psy’s 1st idol boy group, TNX, finally debuts: “Our goal is to reach a new high that surpasses just a trophy on music shows”

P-Nation’s first idol boy group, TNX, has debuted under the guidance of Psy

TNX held a showcase to mark the release of its first mini-album “WAY UP” at Blue Square in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on May 17th.


TNX is a six-member group consisting of Choi Tae-hoon, Woo Kyung-joon, Jang Hyun-soo, Chun Joon-hyuk, Eun-hwi, and Oh Sung-joon, who were selected as the final debut group in the finale of the boy group project “LOUD” aired on SBS last year. Their name TNX means “The New Six,” six rookies who will challenge, overcome, and grow with their generation through performances where strength and emotion coexist.

tnx choi tae hoon

Choi Tae-hoon, the leader, said, “It has been a long-awaited moment for us. I’m really nervous. We hope you guys can support us as much as we prepared for our debut,” he said.

TNX hinted at the behind-the-scenes story of the music video for their debut album’s title song “MOVE.” Chun Joon-hyuk said, “There is a scene where the members destroy a space in the MV shooting site. It’s the most memorable scene to me.”

Woo Kyung-joon said, “It was my first music video, which is why I was not very familiar with acting yet. I felt even more awkward because of the action scenes,” he confessed.

TNX revealed that CEO Psy had given them lots of advice before their debut. Oh Sung-joon smiled, saying, “CEO Psy said to us, ‘You’re doing well,’ and ‘Show them your charm.'”


In an era where 4th generation boy groups are pouring in, TNX step in to introduce their strengths. Oh Sung-joon said, “Each of us has a lot of different strengths. We have great chemistry with each other. In addition, those from P-Nation always have their own charms, and we have confidence in ours,” he expressed his ambition.

Chun Joon-hyuk said, “My goal is to go beyond the top of just music shows and run toward an even higher summit. We will work hard for that goal.”

Eun-hwi revealed he once asked CEO Psy what kind of group TNX should be. “Our CEO said we should distinguish ourselves from other groups with our own colors,” he said, expressing confidence in his team.


The title song “MOVE” is a song composed by PENOMECO, a producer from P-Nation, and Yoo Gun-hyung, the composer of “Gangnam Style.” Lead synths, orchestra brass sounds, and trendy beats from “MOVE” give TNX’s identity an explosive color.

In addition, the mini-album also includes a total of five other tracks, which are “WE ON,” “180 seconds,” “Already,” “Small Song,” and “Way Up.”

Meanwhile, TNX’s debut album “Way Up” will be released on online music sites before 6 p.m. today. At 8 p.m., they will hold an offline debut showcase and meet their fans. The showcase will be broadcast worldwide simultaneously through Naver NOW and YouTube.

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