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“Thrifty” Kim Jong-kook reveals his weak side when it comes to real estate investment… “I don’t know much about it” (Running Man)

The broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” scheduled to air on August 21st will unveil different real estate investment races for each member.

As various characters, such as “Korean stock upstart” Yang Se-chan and “Joseon Seokjin” Ji Seok-jin, have been created in “Running Man” legendary races, such as “Investment geniuses” and “Investment geniuses: Go To NY”, the new real estate special called “Extravagant investment” race heralds another legendary episode as it will continue the investment craze.

running man

The recent recording was conducted as a “real estate race” in which the members try to become richer by buying lands from a huge board that has a total of 70 lands. The investment race drew attention as it has been upgraded. For example, the lands were marked as “food zone”, “toilet zone”, “rest zone”, etc., and each land can be in “good” or “bad” condition. 

Before the race started, each member talked about their investment tendency.

running man

While the members showed their interest in investment, saying “Real estate is my life”, the person who enjoys saving – “ONLY cash type” Kim Jong-kook, on the other hand, confessed, “I don’t know much about investment…”, revealing his weakness. It is said that one member made everyone burst into laughter as they confessed the story of them trusting other people 100% and suffering an investment failure. 

running man

Attention is focused on who will lead the real estate race among the members, who have different investment tendencies. 

Meanwhile, “Running Man” will air the new episode at 5 p.m on August 21st. 

Source: Daum

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