This suspicious person wearing a black leather dress in a Japanese stationery store is a Kpop idol

A female Kpop idol received the attention of netizens by releasing “suspicious photos”during her trip to Japan. 

On September 21st, Jeon Somi posted four full-body photos on her Instagram with the caption: “Let’s go home together”, which is written in Japanese. It is speculated that the photo was taken during Somi’s trip to Japan, seeing that the photos’ background was full of Japanese characters.

jeon somijeon somi

Jeon Somi is 22 years old this year, but she looked much more mature than her age, drawing admiration from many netizens. 

In the photos, Jeon Somi had long blonde hair and is wearing a super-mini black leather dress that shows off her straight shoulders. With such a styling, Somi looked reminiscent of Hollywood stars.

jeon somi

In addition, Somi exuded a sexy charm and alluring vibe, while the silhouette of her body was on full display, drawing attention and enthusiastic responses from netizens.

jeon somi

One photo showed Jeon Somi dressed in all black against a hot pink background at a Japanese stationery store – creating a great contrast and a “suspicious look”. 

jeon somi

Seeing the photos, netizens cheered, and wrote comments like, “GOSH YOU’RE SO GIRLFRIEND MATERIAL”, “SOMI CAN WE DATE”, “very gorgeous”, and “really elegant” .

jeon somi

Source: Wikitree

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