This “Reborn Rich” actress has played a grandmother many times even though she is the same age as Lee Young Ae and Ko Hyun Jung 

The actual age of this actress is surprising. 

In JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Reborn Rich”, which aired on December 4th, actress Kim Hyun is receiving positive reviews from viewers for her detailed acting.

Kim Hyun plays Lee Pil Ok, the wife of Jin Yang Chul, the head of the Sunyang chaebol family. She transforms into a benevolent grandmother.

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At the wedding of Jin Sung Joon (Kim Nam Hee) and Mo Hyun Min (Park Ji Hyun), Lee Pil Ok tells Jin Yang Chul (Lee Seong Min), who orders Jin Sung Joon to go to work at the Geochang logistics warehouse, “Do you really have to do it on his wedding day, not on any other day?” 

When Jin Yang Chul scolded his children, Lee Pil Ok tried to suppress her emotions and said, “In the end, you still discriminate.” Lee Pil Ok noticed that Jin Yang Chul broke the succession of his eldest son Jin Young Ki and was directed at Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki), the youngest son. She said, “I dressed, fed, and raised Yoon Ki in the same way as Young Ki. I don’t want to make you lose face. You should know that one thing,” bursting into quiet rage, giving viewers the strongest immersion.

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Netizens who watched the drama, in which Jin Yoon Ki was revealed to be an out-of-wedlock child after only 8 episodes, speculated that Lee Pil Ok would turn into a villain in the second half of “Reborn Rich”. 

Netizens noticed that Lee Pil Ok’s character introduction reads, “Sunyang’s successor must be the son she gave birth to, so she had no doubt”, implying that Jin Do Joon would face conflict. 

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Netizens couldn’t hide their excitement as they speculated about the reversal of the benevolent grandmother who took care of young Jin Do Joon from the beginning until he went to law school.

Kim Hyun, who plays Lee Pil Ok, made her acting debut  in 1992 in a play. She started out as a staff member in a theater company in her third year of high school and tried acting after becoming an adult. 

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Kim Hyun worked on the theater stage and took on a variety of roles, but she has played a grandmother many times because of her acting skills that she had strengthened since her youth.

She started starring in dramas in 2016 with “Blow Breeze”, and made her face known through JTBC’s “Ms. Hammurabi” and tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine”.

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In 2020, she played Ahn Seon Young, the wife of Woo Hyun, a convenience store owner in the Netflix series “Sweet Home”, and her impressive acting made her gain global attention.

Kim Hyun also recently played the principal in Wavve’s original series “Weak Hero Class 1” and showed off her acting that maximized the tension in the work.

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Kim Hyun often plays a grandmother, but surprisingly, in real life, actresses of the same age as Kim Hyun include Ji Jin Hee, Lee Young Ae, and Ko Hyun Jung. 

Kim Hyun, who is perfectly portraying Lee Pil Ok, raises expectations about what kind of presence and acting ability she will make the viewers goosebumps in the remaining episodes of “Reborn Rich”. 

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Source: Daum

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