This person saw Jeon Do Yeon cry after ‘Crash Course in Romance’ filming ended and ran straight to hug her

A warm scene of “Crash Course in Romance” actors after completing the shooting touched viewers’ hearts.

tvN’s drama “Crash Course in Romance” successfully ended with a high viewer rating of 17%.

On March 7th, the official Youtube channel of Jeon Do Yeon’s agency Management SOOP uploaded a video titled “(ENG) The last behind-the-scenes of ‘Crash Course in Romance’ with tears and laughter, the last story of Jeon Do Yeon and Haeng Seon #Crash Course in Romance Making Film”.

The video contained behind-the-scenes footage of “Crash Course in Romance” last shooting day.


Jeon Do Yeon (as Nam Haeng Seon) captivated viewers with her perfect on-screen chemistry with Jung Kyung Ho (as Choi Chi Yeol) as they portrayed a realistic romance in the drama.

After the final “OK” sign from the director, Jeon Do Yeon couldn’t hold back her emotions and eventually shed tears.


The staff presented Jeon Do Yeon with a bouquet of flowers to express their appreciation for her hard work during the whole filming process. The actress hugged the bouquet and shed tears while taking commemorative photos.

Especially, Roh Yoon Seo, who played Nam Haeng Seon’s niece Hae Yi in the drama, ran straight towards Jeon Do Yeon, who was crying, and embraced her, giving off a warm atmosphere.


Jeon Do Yeon also showed her affectionate and gentle side as a senior actress as she burst out crying upon seeing Roh Yoon Seo’s face even after the drama’s shooting was over.

Meanwhile, “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise”, starring Lee Ji Ah and Lee Sang Yoon, will be broadcasted as a follow-up drama to “Crash Course in Romance”.

Source: Wikitree

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