This man’s wife died due to drunk-driving accident, protecting daughter until the end

The story of a father, whose child has secluded themselves after losing his mother in an unfortunate accident was revealed.

On the January 13th episode of the Channel A program “My Golden Kids”, the story of a person, who has been living in seclusion for 9 months, was unveiled. 

My Golden Kids

In particular, a father, who has a 15-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter, appeared and talked about his child, who has not left their room for 9 months. 

On the show, the father asked for help from the counseling center and hospital, but his child did not reveal their true feelings. They even refused to go to school for 9 months, and so was on the verge of being expelled. 

My Golden Kids

Seeing the situation, doctor Oh Eun Young emphasized the risk of adolescent depression and said, “There is no smile on the child’s face. They are a fairly bright and well-behaved child, but they seem to have no expression. They do not seem to be making eye contact with their father, either. Overall, their energy is drastically reduced.”

My Golden Kids

According to the father, his kid spent most of their time playing games inside their room. Apparently, since the child doesn’t go out, they don’t brush their teeth, to the point their teeth hardens and turns yellow. There were also many pimples around their face and neck, and their skin is in a very bad condition. It also became annoying for them to cut fingernails and toenails.

As the father underwent surgery for thyroid cancer in June of last year, stress management was absolutely necessary. However, as he returned home, the father could only shed tears as he confided his feelings to his late wife’s portrait, which is on one side of his dressing room.

My Golden Kids

“In April of last year, my wife went to a nearby park and was on her way back home, but she was hit by a drunk driving car, and only my wife lost her life among the seven people inside. There was also our daughter right next to her, and she was almost unscathed to the extent that it felt like her mother was protecting her. Many passengers suffered fractures, but only my child was not injured, and my wife died alone”, the father said, moving the cast members to tears. 

Source: Daum

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