The reason why this Korean actress is always mistaken to be a foreigner, even allergic to sunlight? 

After gaining popularity for her appearance in “Mr. Sunshine”, this actress draws attention for her “foreigner-like” visuals.

Actress Kim Yong Ji, who made her debut in the 2018 K-drama “Mr. Sunshine” and gained a lot of popularity and love, has since starred in various works such as “Watcher”, “The Lies Within”, “The King: Eternal Monarch”, and “Tale of the Nine Tailed”. 

Kim Yong-ji

It is known that Kim Yong Ji majored in theater directing at Seoul National Institute of the Arts, and worked as a freelance model before turning to acting. While in university, she happened to start modeling, and appeared in commercials for many companies, where she exuded a strange atmosphere and dreamy charm. 

Kim Yong-ji

Due to her sharp facial features and strange eyes, Kim Yong Ji was often misunderstood to be of mixed blood. However, the actress confirmed in an interview that she is a full Korean from Ansan, Gyeonggi-do.

In 2018, Kim Yong Ji passed her first audition and began acting in the drama “Mr. Sunshine”, and assumed a role of a Japanese woman. At the time, her beauty was often said to differ greatly from her Korean co-stars, cementing rumors that the actress is only half-Korean. To this, the actress could only laughed and said, “Both my parents are Korean. My mom and dad are also amazed at my appearance.”

Kim Yong-ji

In 2020, Kim Yong Ji played a young nine-tailed fox from Russia, and wore light-colors lens for this role, causing mixed-raced discussion to be brought up again. As the public found out that she’s fully Korean, however, Kim Yong Ji’s lens became a super popular item. 

It is also known that the actress is mildly allergic to sunlight, causing her to often dons long-sleeve and dark clothings and boasts fair skin. All these elements cast a mythical aura on her, and add to her seemingly mix-raced charms. 

Kim Yong-ji

On the other hand, Kim Yong Ji made her big screen debut in 2022 through the movie “Doom Doom”, which depicts the story of youth growing up with rough and delicate emotions, and received favorable reviews from critics. On December 18th, she will meet viewers with the Netflix original series “Somebody”.

Source: Daum

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