This Actress Has Been Mistaken As A Half Korean Since Her Young Age

Actress Kim Yong-ji once confessed that many people thought she was a half Korean because of her unique appearance

In an interview video on the YouTube channel of Allure Korea, Kim Yong-ji was asked, “How many times do you search for your name a day?”.  In response, the actress said, “Zero. I never Google my name. I usually search my role name, but I really never searched my actual name”.

Regarding the background story of when she decided to change from modeling to acting, Kim Yong-ji shared, “I loved being a model too but after all, I wanted to be on camera, not for the figure, but for a role. It all started as an interest. I simply wanted to learn acting but then it went on to become a dream. I studied acting before trying it out.”

kim yong ji

Regarding the comment, “A lot of people assume she’s a half Korean due to her exotic looks. She’s quite used to being mistaken as a half Korean since young age”, the actress explained, “That’s all correct. I just wish I’m a half Korean now. That’ll make things much easier. But the fact is I am not. I’m thinking about taking a DNA test someday”.

Taking a closer look at Kim Yong-ji’s face, many people pointed out that she looks like Monika, actress Han So-hee and singer Gummy. Some also pointed out that the actress reminds them of singer Sinéad O’Connor with a short hair cut.

kim yong ji

Meanwhile, Kim Yong-ji debuted as an advertising model in 2015. She appeared in “Mr. Sunshine” as Hotaru, arousing keen attention from viewers and making a successful start as an actress.

Since then, Kim Yong-ji has continued to grow by starring in various projects, such as “WATCHER”, “The Lies Within”, “The King: Eternal Monarch”, “The Tale of the Nine Tailed”, “Somebody”, “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938”, etc., and building a solid filmography.

She recently took on the lead role in the movie “Commission” and has been working hard on filming to greet viewers soon. Expectations are higher for Kim Yong-ji’s future activities after moving to ANDMARQ.

Source: daum

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