ILLIT Already Accused of Choreography Plagiarism 3 Months Ago? 

Before allegedly copying NewJeans’ ad choreography, ILLIT was accused of plagiarism by a foreign choreographer. 

On May 14, a topic titled “A foreign choreographer called out ILLIT’s choreography on Instagram 3 months ago”. 

Particular, the topic included a post from choreographer Kelly Sweeney, who posted a comparison between her own choreography and ILLIT’s dancing in one video, along with the caption, “As an artist and choreographer, someone who devotes their life to creating original moves and does this as a living, it’s very frustrating to see people take your steps without any credit. As flattered as I am that their choreographer liked it so much as to learn it, change the song, and do it for their video, it’s NEVER okay to plagiarize and not give credit. Especially when you’re a group of artists. Please do better.”

It is also revealed that after Kelly Sweeney’s post, HYBE has credited her on ILLIT’s video.

Below are some comments from netizens regarding this topic: 

  • Do they even have anything original at this point?
  • HYBE really knows no moderation, their image cannot be saved now
  • Another day, another ILLIT controversy….
  • Can they stop copying another’s work for once…
  • It took the original choreographer speaking up for a meager line of credit. HYBE is so foul.

On the other hand, NewJeans’s performance directors also recently accused ILLIT of plagiarizing NewJeans’ choreography in a past CF, drawing attention. 

Source: theqoo

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