This Korean actor is considered a “supermodel” with sick acting skills and top-tier co-stars

This rising Korean actor is drawing a lot of attention for his talents and supermodel-like visuals

There are a lot of model-turned-actors in the Korean entertainment industry, but not everyone manages to establish a stable standing inside the realm. Alongside visuals, acting abilities and determination are crucial to succeed, and a rising male star is actually doing pretty well. 

shin seung ho

The male star in question is actor Shin Seung Ho, who was born in 1995. He entered the acting industry pretty late in 2018, and started to gain attention via the hit web-drama “A-Teen”, receiving plenty of praise for his tall physique, supermodel-like appearance, and decent acting abilities. Prior to this debut, Shin Seung Ho was actually a professional model, but he has since developed a passion for acting. 

After “A-Teen”, Shin Seung Ho started to gain various opportunities, starting with an “antagonistic” role in “Moments at 18”, where he acted alongside Ong Seong Woo and Kim Hwang Gi. Later on, he would appear in numerous other remarkable work, starring alongside Jung Hae In in “D.P”, Kim So Hyun in “Love Alarm”, and Red Velvet Irene in “Double Patty”. 

shin seung ho
Shin Seung Ho in “D.P”
shin seung ho
The actor constantly appeared in school dramas…
shin seung ho
…and also made his big screen appearance alongside Red Velvet Irene

In 2020, Shin Seung Ho got nominated for Best Actor at KBS Drama Awards, and 2 years later, he received a nomination for Best New Actor at the prestigious Baeksang, thanks to his impressive performance in “D.P”. 

shin seung ho
Shin Seung ho is now appearing in “Alchemy of Souls” 

With constant successes, Shin Seung Ho is now assuming the role of crown prince Daeho in the hit drama “Alchemy of Souls”. The actor is slowly but surely winning over more and more audiences day by day, and boasts a huge potential as an actor. In addition, he also continues his career as model, with eye-catch pictorials that can make a lot of jaws drop. 

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