This is how Chuu, who is having a hard time after being expelled from LOONA, reacted to encouragement from the public

The latest update from Chuu (Kim Ji Woo), who was recently removed from LOONA, drew attention.

On November 30th, Daily Sports reported, “Chuu is focusing on her activities, showing a brave appearance despite the conflict with her former agency”.


According to the report, Chuu started filming new content at a department store in Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul on November 28th. Although she needs to spend time dealing with her personal matters due to the sudden notice of her removal from LOONA, Chuu still fulfilled her responsibility by carrying out all the planned schedules. 

It is known that Chuu spread her unique bright energy to others by going around outside the department store where she did the filming despite the rainy weather.

In response to citizens who met her on the shoot and gave her supportive words, Chuu replied “Thank you” with a bright smile.

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A witness who was at Chuu’s filming site said in an interview with the media, “It must be mentally difficult for her, but she did her best in filming without showing any signs that she was having a hard time. Rather, she greeted people with a smile.”

Previously, on November 25th, LOONA’s agency, Blockberry Creative, announced the removal of Chuu from LOONA because Chuu was abusing her power and using violent language towards the staff.

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However, not long after, industry officials, LOONA members, and the staff came forward to defend Chuu. Chuu also revealed her position on her Instagram, saying, “It is clear that I have never done anything that would make my fans embarrassed.”

Source: Wikitree.

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