This chaebol-top star couple, who got married secretly, attended a public event for the first time

Actress Lee Young-ae (52 years old) appeared at a recent award ceremony with her husband Jung Ho-young (72 years old).

Lee Young-ae sat side by side with Jung Ho-young at the 12th Beautiful Artist Award held at Stage 28 in Gocheok-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of October 20th.

lee young ae 12th Beautiful Artist award

The two sat together at the same table and watched the awards together, giving off a friendly and affectionate atmosphere. In the released photos, Lee Young-ae and Jung Ho-young were seen whispering to each other and drinking wine with fellow actor Song Kang-ho.

song kang ho 12th Beautiful Artist award

Although daily photos of the couple have been released many times on broadcasts, this is the first time they appeared in public together.

lee young ae jung ho young 12th Beautiful Artist award

Meanwhile, Lee Young-ae is a leading actress in Korea. In 2009, she married Jung Ho-young, a Korean-American businessman 20 years older than her, in Hawaii, the U.S. The couple has fraternal twins, Jung Seung-kwon (son) and Jung Seung-bin (daughter).

lee young ae 12th Beautiful Artist award

In particular, Lee Young-ae’s husband Jung Ho-young, who was born in 1951, is famous for his appearance which is unbelievably younger than his age. He is also known as a wealthy man who owns assets of 2 trillion won.

Source: wikitree

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