This actress, who gained 18kg for her role in “Sky Castle”, transform dramatically for the first directing work of “D.P”’s creator

Actress Cho Mi-nyeo (real name Cho Eun-jung), who showed off her crazy presence in the dramas “Sky Castle” and “Juvenile Justice,” recently finished her filming for the new work “King of the Desert”.

Watcha’s original “King of the Desert” (directed by Kim Jung-eun, Lee Tak, and Lee Tae-dong) is a drama about people who believe that money is everything versus people who believe that money is not everything. This is the directorial debut of the creator of the Netflix drama “D.P.”

Cho Mi-nyeo showed off her perfect chemistry with actors Jin-gu and Jang Dong-yoon in the drama, proving her eight-year acting experience.

Director Kim, who has remade popular webtoons such as “Amanza” and “D.P.”, drew sympathy from viewers by writing the script for the drama “D.P.” which was released last year. In “King of the Desert,” he is in charge of both script-writing and directing.

“Cho Mi-nyeo is an actress who is passionate enough to gain 18kg for her character during ‘Sky Castle’,” her agency Black Hole Man Entertainment said. “Please look forward to her acting in ‘King of the Desert’.

Cho Mi-nyeo, who debuted as a theater actress in 2011, started her filmography by appearing in “The Scandal Gang,” “The Death of Sneaky Witch,” and “Romeo and Juliet.”

Starting with tvN’s drama “Valid Love” in 2014, she has shown her wide acting spectrum in more than 80 works over eight years, including “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo,” “Queen: Love and War,” “Sky Castle,” “Juvenile Justice,” and the movie “The Princess and the Matchmaker.”

“King of the Desert” will be released in the second half of this year.

Source: wikitree

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