This actress used to live on the veranda of her friend’s house while pursuing her dream of acting

Actress Bae Da Bin recently joined “I Live Alone” and shared her pre-debut story.

Model-turned-actress Bae Da Bin appeared on MBC’s program “I Live Alone” on November 18th and revealed her daily life.

Bae Da Bin drew attention by showing the inside of her “D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself) house”, from the ceiling to the floor.

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I love alone bae da bin

The actress also revealed that she lived in Queenstown, New Zealand the filming location of the famous film “The Lord of the Rings”, for nearly 10 years from when she was 11 years old. 

Recalling her past, Bae Da Bin said, “After living in New Zealand for a long time, I returned to Korea when I was 20”. The actress surprised everyone when she said, “When I first came to Korea, I lived on the veranda of my friend’s house and shared the bed in a single room with two friends.”

Bae Da Bin

Bae Da Bin, who had never experienced working part-time as an event staff or at restaurants or Internet cafes, shared, “I started acting by taking on extra roles as a part-time job”. She continued, “It was such a good thing because I came to Korea to know more about myself. I realized that it was the right time for me to understand myself more”, explaining why she returned to Korea.

I love alone bae da bin

Meanwhile, the house of Bae Da Bin, who has lived in Korea for 4 years, is in a 50-year-old apartment. The stairs are already old, paint already fell off the walls and there are no elevators. 

However, through the impressive interior details that are full of emotions from the ceiling to the floor, Bae Da Bin’s extraordinary interior sense was expressed through the way she decorated her “D.I.Y house”.

I love alone bae da bin

On the broadcast, the actress also drew admiration for her excellent English skills during the video call with her nephews. 

Bae Da Bin shared, “My older brother lives in New Zealand. Since we live far apart, I often make video calls with his family. I’m sad that I haven’t met my family for more than 3 years.”


The actress continued, “During holidays, I call my younger brother and we have meals together. I’ll eat alone if he is busy with schedules”, adding “My younger brother is doing music. He’s promoting as an idol”.


Surprisingly, Bae Da Bin’s younger brother is member Ho Young of the boy group Verivery.

Meanwhile, Bae Da Bin made her face known to the public through dramas “Arthdal Chronicles” and “Do You Like Brahms?”. She gained huge love from viewers by playing a leading role in the weekend drama “It’s Beautiful Now”. 

Source: Daum

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