“They are all weird”… TWICE Nayeon indirectly mentions rumors of discord with Dahyun

TWICE Nayeon indirectly mentioned rumors of discord and expressed her feelings.

On Sep 2nd, a video titled TWICE‘s first drinking show after 7 years of debut… It’s precious…” featuring members Chaeyoung and Nayeon as guests was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Although there is nothing much prepared”.

On this day, Lee Young-ji said, “How can I manage to live well in the current society where a lot of false accusations are happening? You know those things happen frequently for idols. For example, after just looking at your eyes, people wrongly assume your feelings and thoughts.

Regarding this, Nayeon said, “There are a lot of people who do that. During my early debut, I received a lot of wrong assumptions. At first, you tend to care about it a lot and want to tell people that it’s not true. But then I realized that it’s a meaningless action.

She targeted netizens spreading malicious rumors, “I think it doesn’t really matter if you are proud of your actions. If you know that you didn’t have those wrong thoughts and feelings then what others say doesn’t matter at all. In fact, all those efforts to select only the bad parts of your video and make a collection requires hard work.”

She shared her opinion, “You know how they try to select a bit of the whole video to make you look bad. They add a slow-mo for only certain parts to emphasize those small parts. Doing all those works requires hard work. So I don’t feel bad looking at those videos, but I feel bad when I see others who feel bad after looking at those videos. You shouldn’t really look deep into it.”

In particular, she added, “If you look at the comments, they are all weird. A lot of people agree with the video, and I realized that there are more weird people than I expected. Once you fall into it, it’s hard to get away. So you should try to refrain from seeing it as early as possible and look at the people around you. The best is to not see it at all.”

Upon hearing her remarks, netizens showed various reactions such as “I think she’s talking about rumors of discord with Dahyun in the past”, “I think she must have suffered a lot”, “Dumb haters may not even know she’s talking about about them” and “It’s an inferiority complex.”

Source: nate

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