These U40s and U50s “uncles” still date  young ladies on-screen: Some need to stop or risk their whole careers!

Although they are quite aged already, the following actors are still paired up with charming ladies who can be 10 years or more younger than them. Some still induce rather solid chemical reactions, while others just make netizens cringe in discomfort.

1. Lee Byung Hun

Our Blues-Lee Byung-hun

As a top actor, Lee Byung Hun mainly acted in political, social drama works rather than romance. But when he is paired with an actress, he tends to choose a co-star much younger than himself. To name just a few, Kim Tae Hee (Iris), Kim Tae Ri (Mr. Sunshine), Shin Min Ah (Our Blues), are 9, 20, and 13 years younger than him. However, Lee Byung Hun‘s outstanding performance persuaded the crowd to overlook such age differences.

2. So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub has a unique “blessing” because he has worked with so many stunning actresses from different generations, from seniors such as Son Ye Jin, Sung Yu Ri, Ha Ji Won and Im Soo Jung to younger performers like Kim Ji Won and Jung In Sun. However, he did not have decent chemistry with his junior actresses and revealed a large “generation gap”.

3. Song Seung Hun

Song Seung Hun

Used to be everyone’s favorite male actor for a while, Song Seung Hun is stuck with romantic works like So Ji Sub. His chemistry with his co-stars are usually lacking, even when he was paired with Liu Yifei who is 11 years younger. Perhaps Song Seung Hun should refrain from choosing scripts that  have romantic elements. 

4. Ji Sung

Many haven’t realized the fact that Ji Sung mainly works with younger actresses like Hwang Jung Eum, Han Ji Min, Hyeri, Lee Se Young, and so on. In particular, Lee Se Young and Hyeri is 16 years and 18 years younger than him respectively. Although he is a talented actor, he sometimes struggles when paired with a young and inexperienced co-star.

Ji Sung

5. Kim Jae Wook 

Kim Jae Wook

With Park Min Young and Krystal Jung, Kim Jae Wook is one of those actors that frequently works with female actresses who has a significant age difference from him.  However, the actor’s cool demeanor makes him a good choice for co-stars with a younger age range.

6. Kim Rae Won

Kim Rae Won

Although not all, but two of Kim Rae Won‘s co-stars are young actresses, Park Shin Hye and Shin Se Kyung. Fortunately, his interactions with his juniors were pretty decent.

7. Yeon Woo Jin

Yeon Woo Jin

Despite being born in 1984, Son Ye Jin’s new on-screen lover has worked with a number of co-stars born in the 90s . He even got the chance to partner up with Park Hye Soo and Kim Se Jeong, actresses who are even 12 years younger than him. However, he looks relatively young, so it is difficult for the audience to guess his age.

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