Lee Sang-hwa’s husband Gangnam reveals why he can’t speak English despite living in the U.S for 5 years

Lee Sang-hwa’s husband and naturalized broadcaster Gangnam confessed that he had received Botox treatment. He also explained the reason why he spent his school days in Hawaii but is not good at English. 

Lee Sang-hwa

On April 12th, Gangnam uploaded a video titled “How do foreigners react to Gangnam’s live-action version of Crayon Shin-chan?” to his YouTube channel “Neighborhood Friend Gangnam”. 

In the video, Gangnam said, “Didn’t the video I filmed with mukbang YouTuber Woong go up the popularity chart?” and added, “But I looked the worst at that time. (After monitoring) I was surprised and went to receive Botox treatment right away. I was shocked,” he confessed to receiving the botox procedure. 

Regarding his English skills, Gangnam also said, “I actually have something to confess. Even though I lived in Hawaii for five years, I am not good at English.”

“If you speak Korean and Japanese well in Hawaii, your life will still be fine,” he said. “I couldn’t speak Korean well before I went to Hawaii, but I became so close to my friends there that I became good at it.”

Lee Sang-hwa

Gangnam said, “In Hawaii, whenever I went out, I always meet Korean and Japanese people. I went to learn English but they all spoke Korean,” he said. “At first, the relationship between Koreans and Japanese there was not good, but as I stepped up, the Koreans and Japanese also went out with each other.” 

Meanwhile, Gangnam passed the naturalization test last month and obtained Korean citizenship. He married Lee Sang-hwa, a former speed skating athlete of the national team, in October 2019.

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