These two “The Witch” actresses shouted loudly and ran around the station but no one recognize them 

Here is a behind story of when Kim Da-mi and Go Min-si filmed “The Witch” during their rookie days.

There was a scene in “The Witch” where Ja-yeon (Kim Da-mi) and Myung-hee (Go Min-si) run around Seoul Station screaming for the audition in Seoul.

At the time of the filming, Go Min-si shouted loudly then both of them hurriedly ran around the station. 

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Kim Da-mi once recalled the atmosphere when she filmed that scene and revealed that people around didn’t recognize them because both were unfamiliar rookies at that time. Accordingly, people at the Seoul Station looked at them with reactions as if they were wondering “Who are they? Why are they making such a fuss?”.

It was such a sad experience for rookie actresses like Kim Da-mi and Go Min-si at that time, but after “The Witch” was released, the two saw a 180-degree change in their careers. 

Source: daum

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