These 2 actresses are close friends but once fought and cried on the filming set

While filming “Hot Young Bloods,” Lee Se Young and Park Bo Young shared an unforgettable memory.

Actresses Lee Se Young and Park Bo Young are well-known as close friends who usually maintain a good relationship. However, in the movie “Hot Young Bloods,” they met as the strongest delinquent of Chungcheong-do (Park Bo Young) and a hidden delinquent who transferred from Seoul (Lee Se Young). The reason why the two clashed in the school bathroom was because of one male student, Lee Jong Seok. 

Hot Young Bloods

The bathroom clash between the two was close to a fight, which made the viewers laugh. However, Park Bo Young said in an interview, “It was such a sad scene for us,” before sharing the behind-the-scenes story of that scene. 

park bo young

While filming that scene, the two cursed at each other and exchanged fists, due to which they said they were in such a difficult situation. For a perfect scene, the two fought with all their might that they even rolled themselves into the toilet compartment. 

Lee se young

There was an unexpected accident, but the two still perfectly acted out the scene, and the director also shouted “Cut!” in a satisfied voice. However, it is said that both of them shed tears and cried at the same time as the filming was over. It is said that they felt bad for each other because they were so into their role that they fought with all their might. The actresses then hugged each other and cried as soon as they finished filmingthe scene. 

Source: Feel The Movie

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