Jun Ji Hyun once did slapstick adlib in the 14.5 billion won movie “The Thieves”

Jun Ji Hyun showed off her acting skill in the movie “The Thieves.”

The scene where Jun Ji Hyun proved her name as a specialized actor in action is when she finds diamonds in Park’s room in Macau. Each of her actions has a subtlety, and just by looking at her using his long legs and arms, anyone can see that she has a fairly flexible body.

The Thieves

As the main plot of “The Thieves” is the story of finding diamonds, Jun Ji Hyun said she felt a strange tension when filming the scene of stressful scenes of finding diamonds, adding that she felt how Ye Nicole was actually feeling then. Ye Nicole then performed a cheerful and emotional dance after she found the rare diamond “Tears of the Sun.”

The Thieves

In the original scenario, it was simply described as “Ye Nicole’s dance of joy.” Jun then discussed with the director what kind of dance she should do, but director Choi Dong Hoon said, “You can dance however you want.”

Hearing that, Jun Ji Hyun did her own wild dance thinking about what kind of emotions she would express if she was really happy. In fact, Ye Nicole in “The Thieves” was a character made according to Jun Ji Hyun’s actual personality, so it was safe to say that it was a performance that reflected Jun Ji Hyun’s real personality.

The Thieves

It might have been hard for Jun Ji Hyun as it was a randomly added dance in a 14.5 billion won blockbuster movie, which should be approached carefully in every scene. However, it was her dance that made the movie’s emotions even more pleasant. Jun Ji Hyun herself said that she was so deeply immersed in the character that she felt joy and happiness with sincerity.

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