Theory of Parallelism between “Pacific” Kim Min-jung and “Hanbada” Park Eun-bin

A reporter of Newsen wrote about the similarities he saw between actresses Kim Min-jung and Park Eun-bin.

When I was still a rookie reporter, it was Kim Min-jung who made me realize that “there are different faces of a celebrity.” Since I saw her for the first time during the interview for the movie “Bus Stop” (02), we have already went through countless changes. Her small face which can be covered by the CD and her big eyes with unrealistic proportions give her the vibe of a main character from girl’s anime.

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As a child actress, her speech was also neat and accurate. The image of her laughing about how “high-definition TV is the enemy of actresses” is still crystal clear in many viewers’ memories. She straightforwardly spoke up her mind, used appropriate metaphors and humor, and even did not overreact to boost the other person’s excitement and mood. The audience might even feel guilty because they felt like they had peeped at her sincerity in acting when they saw her tearing up explaining her filming stories, perhaps because the emotions suddenly came to her mind at the time.

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The manners and circumstances she had learned from working with coaches and teachers older than her father since she was young must have made her an older adult and a master of wit early on. She wasn’t just surrounded by compliments about her being pretty and an acting prodigy. Crying, psychological therapy, and peer pressure were stress growth pains that child actors could not avoid. As Kim Min-jung repeatedly healed and sealed the wounds of her heart, she became the epitome of a child actress who grew up well as everyone wished.

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Watching Park Eun-bin of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” who made Wednesday into “Woo Young-woo day,” I thought of Kim Min-jung as a child. The children, who were led by their mothers’ hands, filmed advertisements, pictorials, and went to Yeouido Broadcasting Station and Yongin Folk Village, managed to survive in the harsh entertainment industry where people like Tactician Kwon are rampant, and grew into adult actresses who gave the audience healing and emotional moments. Like Park Eun-bin who has been a member of Namoo Actors since 2015, Kim Min-jung was once a part of that agency. Calling CEO Kim Jong-do as “Uncle Jong-do,” they had worked together for nearly 10 years and increased her acting experience. The similarities between the two actresses are starting to appear more and more.

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It is good luck to have a senior who walks the same path first and reaches out for her. For Park Eun-bin, Kim Min-jung is probably one of those compass-like seniors. However, the theory of parallelism between the two, which seems to last forever, is currently somewhat contrary.

Unlike Park Eun-bin, who is in charge of pleading for various cases at the large law firm “Hanbada” in her drama and feels the feelings of love that makes her heart flutter for the first time in her life, Kim Min-jung is in a lawsuit. She is waiting for the court’s judgment with the help of Pacific, a law firm, due to conflicts with her former agency. While Park Eun-bin experiences self-efficacy and growth through Hanbada, Kim Min-jung is complaining of unfairness through Pacific. Life is much more ironic than expected.

Apart from some of the facts that have been revealed, it is not clear exactly how much Kim Min-jung and her former agency are tangled. The court will determine who is concealing the truth. However, what is clear is that the place where there should be an outstanding and talented actress like Kim Min-jung should be the filming site, not the court. Although she starred in the drama “Mr. Sunshine” (2018) and “Devil Judge” (2021), her movie career has long stopped since “Queen of the Night” (2013). It’s a pity because time is twice as valuable for an actress, but it seems like they are only wasting her time and talent at the moment.

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