Their debut song was a big hit… LE SSERAFIM talked about the burden of making a comeback after 5 months

Girl group LE SSERAFIM confessed the pressure they felt while preparing for the new album “ANTIFRAGILE”.

LE SSERAFIM (Kim Chae-won, Sakura, Huh Yun-jin, Kazuha, and Hong Eun-chae) held a media showcase to celebrate the release of their second mini album “ANTIFRAGILE” at the Centennial Memorial Hall of Yonsei University’s Sinchon Campus in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul at 1 p.m on October 17th. 

On this day, Huh Yun-jin said, “I felt more pressured while preparing for this album than before we debuted. We will work harder and bring better performances on stage”. Kim Chae-won also shared, “Since our debut song was loved so much, we practiced hard hoping that we could show you a performance that can surpass our debut song”, expressing her feelings about the comeback.

Le Sserafim yunjin antifragile

Kazuha then added, “While preparing for our debut album, I wondered ‘Will people like us?’ and ‘Who will like our music?’. But this time, I think we worked harder because we have fans who are waiting for us”, showing her excitement.

Le Sserafim kazuha antifragile

Sakura said she was more excited than nervous about the release of this comeback song. She said, “It’s been 5 months since we debuted with ‘Fearless’. I was actually very nervous and anxious during our debut days, but I’m more excited this time. I want to quickly show my fans the performance”. 

Le Sserafim sakura antifragile

The youngest member Hong Eun-chae also shared, “Like other members said, I also wanted to present the performance as soon as possible”, adding “It’s so nice to have an opportunity to meet our fans again”, raising expectations for their comeback stage.

LE SSERAFIM’s second mini album “ANTIFRAGILE” contains the message that you will become stronger and grow more through trials and challenges. 

Le Sserafim eunchae antifragile

The members add their sincerity to the title song of the same name – “ANTIFRAGILE” with lyrics telling about their stories before debuting as LE SSERAFIM. For example, “Don’t forget the toe shoes that I left behind/ What more do I need to say?” are the lyrics that only Kazuha, who had been a ballerina for 15 years, can sing. Kim Chae-won and Sakura also proudly sing about their previous experiences through the same line, which is “Don’t ignore the career that I’ve walked on”.

le-sserafim kim chae won

The album has a total of 5 songs, including the title track. In particular, “The Hydra” is a declaration that they will never fall, “Impurities” embraces the impure parts of oneself with scars and darkness, “No Celestial” says that the girls are not angels or goddesses from the sky but those who accompany you with every step on this Earth, and “Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am)” tells about the humble and lacking side of oneself. 

Le Sserafim antifragile

LE SSERAFIM’s second mini album “ANTIFRAGILE” will be released on all music sites at 6 p.m on the same day (October 17th). 

Source: wikitree

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