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The YouTube content that caused a huge impact on SNS is back in 2022

“Well Done Again Today”, which comforted many youths, is back.

Digital media channel dingo will launch the reboot series “Well Done Again Today 2022” and release its first episode through dingo story’s official YouTube channel at 9 PM on Oct 14th.

dingo’s killer content “Well Done Again Today” is a reality program where stars who achieved their dreams visit the daily lives of fans who are running towards their dreams and deliver support and hope. More than 33 episodes have been produced since 2016.

In particular, famous stars including SHINee’s late member Jonghyun, IU, Choi Yoo-jung, Wonder Girls Yubin and iKON Bobby made a surprise visit to everyday spaces such as cafes, schools, laundries, convenience stores and homes to comfort the hard reality of young people. Their episodes received hot support from various online communities and SNS.

Ahead of the first broadcast of the reboot series, a cheering video of actor Seo Beom-jun, who had a deep relationship with dingo, was released on Oct 11th.

Seo Beom-jun appeared on “Well Done Again Today” in 2016. As an aspiring actor who worked part-time while raising his dream of becoming an actor, he had a surprise meeting with actor Yoo Ji-tae, whom he respected, through “Well Done Again Today”. Currently, he debuted as an actor, and has emerged as a rising star who draws attention through various works such as “It’s Beautiful Now”, “Nevertheless” and “Dr. Park’s Clinic”.

In the cheering video, Seo Beom-jun recalled, “I can’t believe it’s already been 6 years since I appeared on ‘Well Done Again Today’. (The moment I saw Yoo Ji-tae) I felt like my body and head were broken. It was a touching and thrilling moment. At that time, Yoo Ji-tae said a lot of good things, such as ‘Even if it gets tough, don’t let it get you down and don’t be nervous. Fighting‘.”

He added, “I saw a lot of comments saying that they received a lot of strength from watching (my) video. Rather, I got more strength from those comments and cheering messages. I hope today will be a day where you can say warm words such as ‘Well Done Again Today’ to yourself and people around you.”

“Well Done Again Today 2022”, which returned as a more upgraded series, will be available on dingo story’s official YouTube channel at 9 PM on Oct 14th.

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