The younger sister of a famous female idol surprised fans with her good looks

A Tiktoker is making headlines for her appearance, which resembles her sister who is promoting as a member of a famous girl group.

The younger sister of LE SSERAFIM member Huh Yun Jin is drawing attention because she looks so similar to her sister.

Heo Hye Jin

On Jan 20th, an article was uploaded on an online community titled, “Huh Yun Jin’s younger sister who looks just like her older sibling.” The article included photos of Huh Yun Jin’s sister Huh Ye Jin.

Huh Ye Jin is currently a famous TikToker with about 297,600 followers.

Heo Hye Jin

Huh Ye Jin, born in 2004, is three years younger than her older sister Huh Yun Jin. The two showed off their similar looks, which even made fans misunderstand that they were twins.

In particular, the photo where she leaned her chin on surprised everyone as they looked so similar that even fans were confusing who was Huh Yun Jin.

Heo Hye Jin

Netizens who saw Huh Yun Jin’s younger sister Huh Ye Jin’s visuals said, “Would they hate it if I said they looked totally the same?” “Even if they said this is Huh Yun Jin’s TikTok account, I would believe it,” and “They might be able to stand in for each other even.”

Source: Insight

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