The young cast of “Queen Seondeok” making returns in 2022: Park Eun Bin and Nam Ji Hyun making explosive comebacks,  UEE and Yoo Seung Ho coming to their halt 

The promising actors and actresses from the famed period series are showing growth in their 2022 comeback dramas. 

Yoo Seung Ho

In 2009, Yoo Seung Ho was offered a significant supporting role in the period drama “Queen Seondeok” at the age of 16. He transformed into Kim Chunchu and later King Taejong Muyeol, the 29th heir of the Silla Kingdom. At that moment, Yoo Seung Ho was still a rising star of the Korean filming scene and received praise for her natural talent from the audiences. 

Queen Seondeok

In 2022, Yoo Seung Ho returned to the small screen with another period drama “Moonshine” on KBS2. His anticipated comeback sadly did not meet expectations, hence, the lack of resounding success. This is one of a few instances when the actor did not seem to have made the right script choices in his adulthood and has been able to resolve the issue. 


Park Eun Bin 

Before Park Eun Bin’ pairing with Yoo Seung Ho in 2012 drama “Operation Proposal”, the actress was once his on-screen spouse in “Queen Seondeok”, playing Boryang. While in the same supporting lineup, actress Park was not as memorable as her partner, leaving little impression on the viewers in this drama hit. 

Queen Seondeok

13 years later, Park Eun Bin is going at full thrust with her appearance in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Her return met two crucial elements for a big success: Eun Bin’s amazing acting chops and highest commercial ratings for the miniseries of 2022. In retrospect, few would expect the actress to make the biggest in the industry among the lineup of the historical drama. 

Park Eun-bin

Lee Hyun Woo

Lee Hyun Woo plays Kim Yushin, a remarkable character from the series with his  wits and grand vision who aligns himself as the trusted warrior to Princess Deokman. The younger version of the character  played by Hyun Woo left a positive impression for viewers from then onwards. 

Queen Seondeok

His comeback in 2022 signaled his return to the small screen after 5 years of being under the radar,  generating anticipation. His role as Rio in the drama adaptation “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” drew attention and acclaim for both his charm and performance on-screen. Drama viewers hope he can gain a major boost following the success of “Money Heist”, concerning how short he is on luck to be a big name. 

lee hyun woo


“Queen Seondeok” was not only UEE’s first drama but the drama also marked the first acting debut of the girl group After School. She was offered the role of the young Mishil, the archenemy of Princess Deoknam and was played by Go Hyun Jung as the grown-up Mishil. This was commented as a big opportunity for an idol-turned-actress such as UEE. 

Queen Seondeok

Her return drama 2022 “Ghost Doctor” was not a noticeable comeback after a long and successful career up to that point. It was not that the series suffered bad ratings but UEE was overshadowed. A large pool of audiences are speculating that UEE is reaching a temporary stop in her career. 


Nam Ji Hyun

Last but not least, Nam Ji Hyun played the young version of the lead character Princess Deokman with a bold appearance and personality. The actress was the youngest among the cast of “Queen Seondeok” when she was only 14 in 2009. She took an extended period off the small screen before returning with the series “Little Women” as one of the main trio. 

Queen Seondeok

According to netizens, Nam Ji Hyun as Oh In Kyung, the middle sister and enthusiastic reporter, is the most loved among the three. The actress boasts her visuals still and brings about a moving performance that created a great start for the drama. Fans hope “Little Women” can maintain its heat until the end. 

Little Women

While the “Queen Seondeok” cast is at different points in their careers this year, viewers, especially those who have known them from the period series, are glad to see how long the road they have taken. 

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