The woman embroiled in affair rumors with an idol-turned-actor “Claim husband’s child abuse…Victim of domestic violence”

Actor Choi Jung Won (41), a former member of the idol group UN, once again took a firm stance regarding affair rumors.

On Feb 1st, Choi Jung Won uploaded a long post on his SNS, saying, “I’ve had the hardest time in my life for the reason that many people know over the past few weeks.”

He confessed, “I bitterly realized that it wasn’t as easy as I thought to prove that it was not true. I had confusing days because I didn’t know what the background of the informant’s unilateral and incomprehensible behavior was.”

Choi Jung-won

He continued, “I was so afraid and desperate to watch helplessly as stories that were one-sided and so different from the truth spread through YouTube. It’s also true that while reading the interview with that friend’s personal affairs, I was able to understand a little bit about the behaviors of her husband, who had no choice but to lie.”

However, he emphasized, “There’s no change in the idea that the other party in the controversy must be judged by the strict law in order to reflect on his insults, threats, lies and unimaginable defamation.”

Choi Jung Won

Finally, Choi Jung Won said, “No matter what the reason may have been, I’ll reflect deeply on my actions and I won’t repeat the same mistake. I’m truly sorry again for causing concern to everyone.” He added the hashtag “Let’s talk in court”.

The incident began last month when A, who introduced himself as the head of a family in his 40s, appeared on the YouTube channel “Entertainment President Lee Jin Ho” and claimed that B, a former idol, approached his wife and committed an affair.

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When Choi Jung Won was suspected of infidelity, he denied on his SNS on Jan 10th, a day after the controversy.

On Feb 1st, C, a woman in her 30s who was embroiled in allegations of having an affair with Choi Jung Won, claimed A’s child abuse in an interview with Hankook Ilbo. She also refuted affair rumors, saying that she was a “victim of domestic violence”.

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