“The Witch: Part 2” starring Lee Jong-suk and Kim Da-mi to release in mid-2022

The sequel to the movie “The Witch: Part 1 – The Subversion” is scheduled to come out later this year.

kim da-mi

According to FT Sports on December 4th, “The Witch: Part 2” is scheduled to be released in mid-2022, and in addition to leading actors Kim Da-mi and Jo Min-soo, Lee Jong-suk, Park Eun-bin, Cynthia, and Jin-goo are confirmed to join the cast.

The Witch: Part 2” is a sequel to “The Witch: Part 1 – The Subversion”, which was released in 2018, directed by Park Hoon-jung, who were credited for “New World” and “Night in Paradise”. The first part of “The Witch” exceeded 3 million admissions with explosive action sequences featuring Kim Da-mi.

kim da-mi
Kim Da-mi

However, director Park Hoon-jung revealed that the main character of “The Witch: Part 2” is Cynthia, instead of Kim Da-mi

The reason the main character is changed from Kim Da-mi to Cynthia is that Warner Bros. Korea, which owns the movie rights, withdrew from related businesses such as investment, production, and distribution of Korean films. 

Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk

Director and producer Park Hoon-jung shared, “We negotiated with Warner Bros. Korea for the copyrights to the film, but if the negotiations fail, we plan to completely alter the scenario we prepared.”

As for this significant change of the main character, Kim Da-mi, who took on the female lead role in “The Witch: Part 1”, is said to only make a special appearance in the sequel. 


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